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Generous in what we do

and what we serve

Our foodbar is located on the ground floor, overlooking a green square and has many spots for you to sip a coffee, read, work, wine and dine. Our food is made with lots of love! The basis is quality products, working with local suppliers and going for seasonal products. We focus on good healthy nutritious food but we also believe in guilty pleasures.

Opening hours

Monday | closed

Tuesday | closed

Wednesday | 9 - 23

Thursday | 9-23

Friday | 9-23

Saturday | 9-23

Sunday | 9 -18

last call 1h before closing time

Breakfast  : 9am  - 11.30am

Bar bites and Desserts : all day

​Lunch and Dinner : 12am - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm



please note every booked tabled is guaranteed for 2 hours
we hold the right to rebook your table after


Please respect your time of arrival.
Your table will be released after 30 minutes.

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