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Pilar what it means

We believe in energetic hospitality. A place where you want to stay, a place that inspires you as much as possible from the rooms to our staff. We combine the traditional features, such as super comfy beds and spacious rooms, with unique and personal touches. All this so you can feel at home in Pilar. Our 17 rooms are very light spaces with high ceilings and offer all modern technologies. Each room has carefully curated art and furniture. As we are a corner building there are only rooms with superb views of the Museum of Fine Arts, the green square and the lively neighborhood terraces. Rooms suited for business as well as leisure. Alongside our rooms we have a great foodbar where you can have breakfast, a small shop as well as a private room for meetings, parties, …

The house

We’re proud to be housed in an historical corner building overlooking the Museum of Fine Arts, as the museum has always been crucial for the neighborhood ‘t Zuid as well as Antwerp. Throughout the last decades this part of Antwerp has grown into a hot spot for the arts with many museums and galleries. The creativity of our surroundings inspires what you will find on your plate as well as see on the walls.  For a long time the neighborhood was a more forgotten part of the city in Antwerp, over the last decades ‘t Zuid has grown into what is now a highly attractive area to locals and visitors alike. Stately mansions, wide boulevards, beautiful squares and its many well-frequented cafés and restaurants gives it that Parisian vibe which we oh so love.


Sam, Christophe and their team

Sam runs an interior architecture office called Contekst, and Christophe has been in the hospitality business for years. Both were looking for something that could combine the best of both worlds and so Pilar was born. Together with their team they give the best of themselves every day  to make Pilar your home away from home.

ps.: If you’re wondering about the name Pilar? Besides it being writer Ernest Hemingway's nickname for his wife and ship, with which he explored many parts of the world. This beautiful name was number one on the owners shortlist if ever they have a baby girl.  

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